About us

Our restaurant is basic and genuine, cast in a gorgeous historical frame such as Palazzo della Ragione. It overlooks the magnificent Piazza delle Erbe on a side, whereas Piazza dei Signori is located right on the other side. Over the centuries, Palazzo della Ragione hosted several political and administrative institutions which ruled the city, defining its fate. In the 2000s, a long and complicated renovation brought the building to a new life, making it headquarters to the “Achille Forti” Gallery of Modern Art and home to the catering business where locals and tourist have the chance to try and taste the real Italian and Verona cuisine.



Quality, authenticity, simplicity

are the secret behind our recipes



Our cuisine shows the value of genuine food and original recipes which pay close attention to the simplicity, to the freshness of the ingredients we source daily and of our produce. We also have a special consideration to the table aesthetics and to keeping our cuisine simple. Our strong points:


fresh pasta, daily handmade following an ancient recipe through which we want you to enjoy the pleasure of good food;

first quality meat, sourced directly from certified breeding farms and skilfully prepared according to the traditional, Mediterranean style, one of a kind;

fish and seafood are fresh and sourced daily, again masterfully cooked to keep it simple, so that you can find the traditional seafood flavours in one of the most beautiful Italian squares.


Our passion is creativity, playfully combining colours, textures, different flavours and aromas, patiently studied and assembled by the creative talent of our chefs, whose main goal is to bring to the table the perfect combination of classic recipes and new flavours, surprising you at every bite.



Piazza Erbe, 10 · 37121 Verona VR

Tel +39 045 8031230

Mobile +39 347 5581464